FiPar's team of veteran trust and investment professionals with broad-based intellectual resources and in-depth, industry-specific skills, offer diverse perspectives, visionary concepts, management tools, problem-solving techniques and creative solutions.

By aligning and integrating its intellectual resources, FiPar creates the differentiating advantage that enables its clients to attain their corporate objectives.

FiPar is prepared to meet extreme challenges by delivering critical, time-sensitive trust support services to ensure fiduciary compliant management, administration, investments, marketing and operations.

From policy manuals to Ponzi schemes, FiPar is time-tested and ready-to-roll--anytime, anywhere!


Consistent with its objective to enhance its clients' business performance, FiPar focuses on developing best-practice procedures to effectively manage fiduciary risks, accelerate revenue growth, control costs, expand markets and ensure service excellence. Strategies initiated to achieve these objectives include developing and implementing systems, processes and controls that result in defined but flexible parameters coupled with tight controls to promote standardization and uniformity.

Solutions Overview

Fraud Detection & Resolution
Mergers & Acquisitions
Litigation Support

Specific Solutions

Feasibility Studies
Charter Applications
Risk Assessments
Crisis Management
Interim Management
Administrative Support
Operational Support
Organizational and Operational Reengineering
Trust Accounting Systems Evaluations
Product Development
Compliance Reviews
Litigation Analysis
Vendor Product and Service Evaluations
Investment Management Platform Design
Fee Assessment and Enhancement

"I'll show you!"

 "Show me a small community bank trust department and I will show you a ticking time bomb"!

Don't Overly Accommodate

"Don’t let your customers tell you how to run your business--they will run it into the ground"

Slow Growth Industry But Active Acquisition Market

"If the personal trust industry is experiencing slow-growth, why is there such an active interest among trust professionals to acquire trust companies and trust department books-of-business? There is a simple explanation!"

Lack Fundamental Understanding

"Many community bank CEOs lack a fundamental understanding of the trust business; otherwise, they wouldn’t be in it."

Leverage Vendor Solutions

"Central to developing an effective trust business model is to understand the importance of leveraging industry-leading vendor resources—products, systems, services and expertise."

You Don't Outsource Operations to Save Money--It's a By-Product

"For bank trust departments and trust companies under an estimated $2 billion in assets. outsourcing operations is fundamental to their success—it’s too complex, time consuming, error-prone, expensive and risky to do it in-house. You outsource to gain expertise, create efficiencies, gain control, lower risk and enhance customer service level."

Risk Assessment Debriefing

After having spent two weeks on-site at a $200 million community bank trust department conducting a risk assessment, the Chairman and top management invited me to dinner for a debriefing.

As we sat down, the Chairman said, “Before we get started, I would like for you to tell me in one sentence what you think about my Trust Department.”

After reflecting on that for a moment and recalling that the Chairman had previously said, “I don’t really know much about trust”, I replied, “If I were you, I wouldn’t want the greatest exposure to my bank in a department that didn’t make me any money and I didn’t understand what they were doing.”

He replied, “I think you said it all.”

Spotting Lawsuits from Across the Room

"There is a precise, pin-point 30-second test to gauge whether Trust Departments are likely exposed to inordinate fiduciary risk—results can be quite revealing!"

"UPIA What?"

As the trust's plaintiff attorney proclaims, "No further questions; you may step-down", the advisor stumbles off the witness stand dumbfoundedly pondering,..."UPIA what?”