Alternative Trust Solutions
"Private Trust Model"

Simple, Non-Regulatory, Profit-Driven, Economical, Risk-Adverse Powerful RIA Trust Business Solution

FiPar has development of an innovative trust solution designed specifically for non-trust financial intermediaries with its flagship module identified as "Private RIA Trust".

It is an exciting new program designed for RIAs, Family Offices, CPAs, Attorneys, Brokers, Financial Planners, Insurance Professionals and select Banks.

Non-traditional trust intermediaries will be able to succeed and prosper in the trust industry without the expense, risk and regulatory burdens commonly associated with chartering and operating an Independent Trust Company.

"Simple Concept / Powerful Solution"                (SM)

Over the last twenty-five years, FiPar's mission has been to assist community bank trust departments and independent trust companies optimize their capabilities by integrating visionary ideas, strategic initiatives and specialized skills with a service focus in charter applications, risk assessments, re-engineering, interim and crisis management, expert witness defense and trust technology.

As FiPar continues to build its stable of superior trust consulting capabilities, we are creating a new division to support the trust needs of non-trust financial organizations with a simple but effective trust solution enabling them to capture, manage, grow and transition UHNW and Family Office legacy wealth.

Introducing Alternative Trust Solutions

Our industry-leading alternative trust solution addresses an ever-growing awareness, increasing popularity and growing demand among progressive RIAs, CPAs, Attorneys, Family Offices, Financial Planners, Insurance Professionals, Brokers, Non-Profits and select Banks for such a solution.

The value proposition of FiPar's dynamic solution, identified as "Private Trust Model", is represented by its core competitive advantage succinctly expressed in its tagline, “Not only do we build you the solution…we bring you the business!”(sm)

FiPar's innovative model enables participating organizations to make available a full suite of personal trust services without complex regulatory, organizational and operational infrastructure, financial risks, regulatory capitalization requirements, operating expense and broad-based skill requirements commonly associated with owning and operating one's own Independent Trust Company.

Consequently, our clients can maintain focus on their core corporate objectives while diversifying their business lines to gain competitive market edge and generate new source of significant, recurring revenue.

This is accomplished by employing a trust business model that integrates FiPar’s qualified and highly experienced trust business development counselors with sophisticated estate advisory tools to create estate plans to guide, in collaboration with host clients, families and individuals in developing legacy wealth solutions. 

Option of Selecting Corporate or Individual Trustees

Recognizing continuing development of a trend among wealthy owners to often select individual trustees, FiPar's solution incorporates both corporate fiduciaries and individuals--independent professional trustees, trusted advisors, family members and principals.

Additional enterprise level benefits include consulting, coaching, promotion, fiduciary insurance, specialty asset advisory, family office guidance and expert witness defense.

Flagship Solution:  "Private RIA Trust"

"Private RIA Trust" represents FiPar's flagship alternative trust solution--a simple strategy that enables Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) to make available a full suite of personal trust services utilizing an alternative trust structure.

Private RIA Trust allows advisory firms to participate in the trust business with a full complement of trust services while maintaining focus on their core business objectives and simultaneously diversifying business lines to gain competitive market advantage.

Trust services allow RIAs to attract UHNW and Family Office legacy wealth relationships that might otherwise migrate to competitors, enabling them to fulfill an ever-growing demand among owners of discerning wealth to identify and fully utilize modern trust laws that afford them optimal control, flexibility, influence, privacy and security in growing, protecting, managing and transitioning legacy wealth.

Furthermore, of course, is the opportunity for participating RIAs to build substantial trust assets while earning new predictable revenues.

RIA clients can select either corporate or individual trustees, plus the latitude to select family members, trusted advisors and RIA principals.

Please note about under title "Key Element: Independent Professional Trust Counselors" that IPTCs serve to insulate, protect and empower RIAs.

Together, estate planners and trustees ensure that RIA clients enjoy benefits associated with world-wide, jurisdictional-leading trust, tax and privacy solutions.

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Key Element:  Network of Independent Professional Trust Counselors

Key element in our model is the integration of FiPar's trust business development specialists identified as "Independent Professional Trust Counselors" (IPTCs), representing qualified, experienced Senior Trust Officers, Trust & Estate Lawyers and CPAs, selected by and assigned to FiPar's client organizations from our nationwide network of pre-qualified counselors, to conduct business development and provide client servicing.

By utilizing FiPar's Independent Professional Trust Counselors (IPTCs), clients are protected and empowered to:

o Maintain control over operation of program
o Mitigate attendant risk and liability associated with fiduciary management activities
o Avoid distractions and confusion, saving valuable time for preferred activities
o Provide holistic approach to generational family management, including alignment with selected fiduciary providers
o Strengthen client loyalty and retention rates
o Build referrals from elite clients contributing to business growth
o Generate competitive advantage
o Add asset growth through sophisticated estate planning and accompanying assets
o Enhance enterprise value matrix

Participating organizations can now easily and simply fulfill an ever-growing demand among owners of discerning wealth to identify and fully utilize modern, jurisdictional-leading trust, tax and privacy laws that afford them optimal control, flexibility, influence, privacy and security in growing, protecting, managing and transitioning  legacy wealth. 


IPTCs utilize FiPar’s private-labeled, digitized Estate Plan BluePrint to serve as an essential tool in curating client information and data to create a simple, clear, dynamic visual representation of clients’ existing household profile, financial condition and estate plan. The BluePrint includes clients' aggregated investment portfolios, business and legal entities, ownership interests, real estate holdings, private investments and insurance program as well as trusts and wills. IPTCs and RIA advisors, utilizing the powerful BluePrint as its guide, are empowered to analyze and offer their professional advice and counseling to motivate clients in creating strong and enduring generational trust and investment relationships while participating RIAs develop new and significant, predictable, recurring revenue streams. 


IPTC pre-qualified members will maintain professional profiles on FiPar's website to help market their services. Profiles include professional photo, business description, biography, service offerings and link to their professional website. RIAs can then select IPTCs from the directory that match their needs and preferences/

Mark Clemons

Independent Professional Trust Counselor

Michael Niemann

Independent Professional Trust Counselor

Dan Heinrichs

Independent Professional Trust Counselor

Mike Niemann

Independent Professional Trust Counselor

Brian Cohoon

Independent Professional Trust Counselor