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Uniform Prudent Investors Act / Modern Portfolio Theory

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Trust Real Estate Consulting

FiPar offers professional real estate advisory services for the wealth management industry, serving corporate and individual fiduciaries, professional advisors, attorneys, affluent individuals and non-profit organizations.

Real property falls into a unique asset class that requires industry-specific knowledge related to assessment, planning, investment and management. Our firm provides knowledgeable solutions to complex and often time-consuming issues associated with ownership of real estate, allowing the wealth advisor time to focus on their own specialty. Special assets in general and real estate in particular continue to represent a growing segment of the wealth industry’s asset mix. These assets require much more time, present bigger problems and add higher risk than other, more traditional financial assets. FiPar brings the knowledge and resources to effectively manage and transact all types of real property in any geographic location throughout the country. 

Trust Oil & Gas Consulting

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