Risk Management and Trust Compliance

Internal compliance support provided by highly-skilled trust consultants.

Pre-exam planning, in-process exam and post-exam support.

 Strategic Planning & Risk Assessments

Service includes review and assessment of Strategic Plan to ensure that it provides the framework for achieving goals and objectives and that its fiduciary activities align with core mission and values as well as the board’s risk appetite and policies.

Evaluations can include an analysis of organizational and operational structure, compliance, risk management, markets, competition, industry trends, vision and corporate culture as well as systems, processes and controls. Assessment provides essential, decision-critical information needed to render informed decisions coupled with supporting documentation to justify conclusions.

Administration Compliance Support

Trust law, examiner’s guidelines and written policies remind us of an inherent duty and responsibility to administer accounts solely in the interest of beneficiaries, consistent with a high standard of fiduciary conduct represented by an uncompromising duty of loyalty and a process void of conflicts of interest. To ensure proper and efficient administration requires adoption of appropriate policies and procedures that embodies systems, processes and controls to monitor, measure and manage risks inherent in adhering to laws, regulations, policies and trust provisions along with sound business principles.

Breadth and depth of such policies and procedures vary by trust organization dependent upon sets of variables—account type, asset size, administrative complexity and other factors. But, constant, among those variables, is the task of maintaining regulatory compliance. An important element in achieving those standards include systems that ensure “good information”—without good information decision makers cannot make “good decisions”.

Consequently, efficient administration of information and data in the form of both electronic and paper filings must be given important attention. FiPar offers full support—on-site and virtual; one-off and on retainer—in dealing with administrative compliance requirements and associated challenges.

Whether by product line or business line, our professionals conduct comprehensive administrative account reviews and evaluate methodologies and procedures to help improve systems and outcome.,  

Trust Compliance & Examination Support

Scable internal compliance support provided by highly-skilled trust consultants Pre-exam planning, in-process exam support and post-exam consulting.