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Raymond R. Fletcher

Raymond R. (Bob) Fletcher, CTFA, CISP, CFMP

Not only can we spell "fiduciary" -- we understand what it means (sm)

Business Standard

FiPar earns fees for rendering "advice" and providing information from which its clients "make" decisions and "take" actions to promote superior business performance. It is with an understanding of its duty and obligation to maintain undivided loyalty to its clients that FiPar provides objective, decision-critical advice; and, it is within this framework of conduct that it pledges to adhere to the highest standards of professional ethics in rendering its services and representing its clients.

Raymond R. Fletcher

Raymond R. (Bob) Fletcher, CTFA, CISP, CFMP

FiPar Financial, Inc.

FiPar Financial, Inc., a San Antonio-based business with a national service scope, serves as an institutional trust consulting firm focused on assisting banks, trust companies and other financial services organizations optimize trust capabilities by integrating visionary ideas, strategic initiatives and specialized skills to achieve superior business performance and gain competitive advantage.

In other words, we put 'em together, take 'em apart, turn 'em around, shut 'em down and sell 'em off!

                Not only can we spell "fiduciary" /  we understand what it means   sm

Snapshot of FiPar's Team...
.Helping Clients Expand Perspectives to Realize Capabilities (sm)

Bob Fletcher 
Institutional Trust Consultant
San Antonio, Texas

FiPar's Founder, CEO and consultant with responsibilities ranging from start-ups to closings and from turnarounds to expansions with special emphasis on crisis management, including fraud detection and resolution. 

Industry-leader in creative trust business solutions including the original "Private Label Trust" in 2001 and most recently "Trust Representative Program", an alternative trust business solution.


Steve Borst
Wealth Management Technology Consultant
Dataw Island, South Carolina

Nationally-recognized and industry-leading trust accounting technology specialist. Conducts trust accounting vendor searches, systems evaluations, vendor recommendations and contract negotiations.  


Jim Miller
Financial Engineering Consultant
Las Vegas, Nevada

Leading analyst and qualified appraiser of banks and trust companies. Provides bank and trust valuations and qualified opinions relating to capital raise and events and merger/acquisition activities via private placement. 


James Henderson
Trust Investment Management Consultant
Houston, Texas

Responsible for providing institutional trust clients guidance in effective supervision of asset management activities, including Reg-9 reviews, and core asset management operations functions and internal controls.   


Cathy McDonald
Director of Public Relations
Las Vegas, Nevada

Oversees business communications, brand-building, event coordination and advertising initiatives. Additional responsibilities include public relations, professional writing and market strategist.  


Rich Stanislaw 
Wealth Management Technology Consultant
Westlake, Ohio (Cleveland Area)

Conducts trust client needs assessments, systems evaluations, vendor searches, vendor recommendations, contract provisions, price negotiations and conversion management.

Bob Franke
Institutional Trust Consultant
Jupiter, Florida

Bob, with nearly fifty years of trust experience, represents a vast pool of knowledge, insight, perspectives and vision to assist trust organizations with everything from organizational and operational infrastructure to management tools and profitability enhancement strategies.

Mick Trusty
Expert Witness Consultant
Sulphur Springs, Texas

Mick, a prominent trust attorney, adjunct professor of business graduate studies, former executive trust officer at several preeminent bank trust departments and trust companies and former federal trust examiner, serves as an expert witness to assist bank trust departments and trust companies in adhering to principles of sound fiduciary risk management and serving as expert witness in defending claims of breaches of fiduciary duty.

Jen Fletcher
Trust Sales Strategist
Las Colinas, Texas

Jen assists trust departments and trust companies develop and execute rewarding sales programs. Specific offerings include sales process improvement, forecasting, coaching, pipeline management, relationship management, CRM optimization, project management and strategic planning. Additional solutions include client communications, intelligence gathering, knowledge management, team building, sales support, RFP assessment, corporate/client presentations, cross-functional teamwork, analytical forecasting and bench-marking analysis.

David Aaronson
Trust Real Estate Legacy Consultant
Houston, Texas

David with his specialized expertise and talent in real estate legacy planning, supports trust organizations in more effectively serving their clients' complex family and business real estate ownership succession planning needs, including conflict resolution and development of financing and tax structured strategies.

Adrienne Collins
Trust Real Estate Legacy Consultant
Houston, Texas 

Adrienne is the Chief Operating Offer of RELP Consulting, Inc. (Real Estate Legacy Planning & Consulting) and a licensed Texas attorney. While Adrienne does practice law independently as an attorney, her main focus is on RELP where she joined forces with David Aaronson to offer real estate consulting services for individuals and entities and the complex issues when loved ones are left to sort through and understand the complexities of alternative investments, such as commercial real estate. Adrienne's legal career and practice are separate and apart from her consulting services. 


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