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        "Put not your trust in money; but, put your money in trust"
                                                                                 -- Oliver Wendell Holmes

FiPar hopes that your visit to our website will help you
gain valuable insight into strategic initiatives and industry-specific skills that can be employed by our team of seasoned trust and investment professionals to ensure that your organization optimizes its potential to effectively compete in today’s dynamic financial services marketplace. 


Raymond R. (Bob) Fletcher, CTFA, CISP, CFMP
Founder, Chairman & CEO

Not only can we spell "fiduciary" -- we understand what it means (sm)

Welcome to FiPar!

FiPar Financial, Inc., a San Antonio-based business with a national service scope, serves as an institutional and individual trust consulting firm focused on assisting banks, trust companies, private trustees and other financial services organizations optimize trust capabilities by integrating visionary ideas, strategic initiatives and specialized skills in order to achieve superior business performance and gain competitive advantage.

Policy Manuals to Ponzi Schemes!

Time-tested and ready-to-roll!

Anytime! Anywhere!

We're masters at putting out fires in
Trust Departments!

...and rebuilding 'em... 

...reclaiming grandeur and prestige!

FiPar's Team

FiPar offers an array of enriched and robust trust solutions to enable financial services organizations to “Expand Perspectives to Realize Capabilities”(sm)!

FiPar's seasoned trust and investment professionals with their broad-based intellectual resources and in-depth industry-specific skills offer diverse perspectives, visionary concepts, management tools, problem-solving techniques and creative solutions.

By aligning and integrating our intellectual resources, FiPar creates the differentiating advantage that supports our clients in attaining their corporate objectives.

Through strategic alliances with select financial services companies and independent trust consultants located throughout the country, FiPar is prepared to meet extreme challenges.

Highly skilled, seasoned trust and investment professionals deliver critical, time-sensitive trust services to ensure proper management, administration, investments, marketing and operations. 

Bob Fletcher

Founder, Chairman & CEO
Institutional Trust  Consultant

San Antonio, Texas

Randy Bond

Executive Vice President, Chief Growth Officer & Head of Trust & Wealth Management Consulting
Houston, Texas

Dave Coffaro

Institutional Trust Consultant

Orange County, California

Mick Trusty

Trust Defense Expert Witness

Sulphur Springs, Texas

James Henderson

Trust Investment Management Consultant

Houston, Texas

Steve Borst

Wealth Technology Consultant

Dataw Island, South Carolina

Leadership Council

FiPar's visionary-approach, creative-thinking, diverse perspectives and solutions-driven culture is projected outwardly to industry peers in the form of our brand and supported by complementary intellectual resources and industry-specific skills, including those of our highly-acclaimed Leadership Council members.

Our Council members serve to offer their reasoned advice, guidance and influence to help FiPar fulfill its mission and attain its goals.

Meaning, they help us help you!


Team member

Job title or function

Team member

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Team member

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Team member

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Team member

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Team member

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FiPar Trust Solutions   

Trust & Wealth Management Consulting

Consistent with its objective to enhance its clients' business performance, FiPar focuses on developing best-practice procedures to effectively manage fiduciary risks, accelerate revenue growth, control costs, expand markets and ensure service excellence.

Strategies initiated to achieve these objectives include developing and implementing systems, processes and controls that result in defined but flexible parameters coupled with tight controls to promote standardization and uniformity.

Solutions include:

Feasibility Studies
Bank Trust License Applications
Independent Trust Company Charters 
Risk Assessments
Restructuring / Turnarounds
Marketing & Sales / Sales Training
Fraud Detection & Resolution
Mergers & Acquisitions
Litigation Analysis
Expert Witness Defense
Succession Planning
Crisis Management
    (On-Site Interim Management)
Investment Organization & Reviews Administrative Support
Operational Support
Systems Evaluations & Conversions
Compliance (Pre/On-Going/Post Exam)
Vendor Product Evaluations
Fee Assessment & Enhancement

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Alternative Trust Solutions

Private Trust Model--"Private Trust Model" represents a new program to promote the advancement and professionalization of "Independent Private Trustees" with development of our cutting-edge, alternative  "Private Trust Model" built for non-        trust financial intermediaries to succeed and prosper in the trust industry without the expense, risk and regulatory burdens commonly associated with chartering and          operating an independent trust company.
            Private RIA Trust
            Private RIA Trust
            Private CPA Trust
            Private Attorney Trust
            Private Financial Planner Trust 
            Private Brokerage Trust
            Private Insurance Trust
            Private Family Office Trust
            Private Label Bank Trust

Private Family Trust Company Charters

Private Labeled-Private Family Trust Company

Private Label Trust (Regulatory-Compliant Model)

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