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        "Put not your trust in money; but, put your money in trust"
                                                                                 -- Oliver Wendell Holmes

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gain valuable insight into strategic initiatives and industry-specific skills that can be employed by our team of seasoned trust and investment professionals to ensure that your organization optimizes its potential to effectively compete in today’s dynamic financial services marketplace. 


Raymond R. (Bob) Fletcher, CTFA, CISP, CFMP
Founder, Chairman & CEO

Not only can we spell "fiduciary" -- we understand what it means (sm)

Welcome to FiPar!

FiPar Financial, Inc., a San Antonio-based business with a national service scope, serves as an institutional and independent trust consulting firm focused on assisting banks, trust companies, private trustees and other financial services organizations optimize trust capabilities by integrating visionary ideas, strategic initiatives and specialized skills in order to achieve superior business performance and gain competitive advantage.

To gain insight into the broad-based and in-depth solutions made available from the collective knowledge and experience of FiPar's team of trust professionals, please view in the following  pages the lists of solutions sorted by typical divisions within a trust organization.

As bank and independent trust consultants, it is our responsibility and duty to render objective, decision-critical “advice” and provide information from which our clients can “make” informed decisions and “take” actions to promote superior business performance. It is with such understanding and within such framework of conduct that we respectfully offer observations and information for your consideration.

We are here to help however we can to ensure your success! So, if your need or expectation is not identified, please ask. We might still be able to help!

Culture & Brand

FiPar's corporate culture embodies attitudes, behaviors, motivations and goals, collectively representing an outward expression to the marketplace of its attributes and characteristics in the form of its brand.

FiPar's visionary-approach, creative-thinking, diverse perspectives and solutions-driven culture is projected outwardly to industry peers in the form of our brand and supported by complementary intellectual resources and industry-specific skills.

Our guideposts are aimed and earmarked to project a distinct brand of delivering value-added client benefits supported by a commitment of "telling it like it is" and "getting it done" coupled with a spirit of uncompromising integrity and an unwavering commitment to our noble profession.

Enhancing Business Performance

Consistent with its objective of enhancing its clients' business performance, FiPar focuses on developing best-practice procedures to effectively manage fiduciary risks, accelerate revenue growth, control costs, expand markets and ensure service excellence.

Strategies initiated to achieve these objectives include developing and implementing systems, processes and controls that result in defined but flexible parameters coupled with tight controls to promote standardization and uniformity.

To achieve these objectives, FiPar has assembled a team of seasoned trust professionals with broad-based intellectual resources and in-depth industry-specific skills offering diverse perspectives, visionary concepts, management tools, problem-solving techniques and creative solutions. 

Types of Trust Solutions

Feasibility Studies
Bank Trust License Applications
Independent Trust Company Charters
Trust Compliance
Risk Assessments
Restructuring / Turnarounds
Marketing & Sales / Sales Training
Fraud Detection & Resolution
Mergers & Acquisitions
Litigation Analysis
Succession Planning
Crisis Management
Interim Management (On-Site)
Investment Organization & Reviews
Administrative Support
Operational Support
Systems Evaluations & Conversions
Regulatory Exam Support (Pre/During/Post Exam)
Vendor Product Evaluations
Fee Assessment & Enhancement                    

Alternative Trust Solutions for Non-Trust Financial Intermediaries

Family Offices
Financial Planners
Insurance Professionals

Trust People  / People Trust  (sm)

Bob Fletcher, CTFA, CISP, CFMP

Founder, Chairman & CEO

[email protected]

San Antonio, Texas

Mark Clemons, JD

Executive Vice President & Executive Trust Consultant
Risk Management, Trust Compliance & Non-Profits Specialist

[email protected]

Birch Bay, Washington

Dave Coffaro

Institutional Trust Consultant

[email protected]

Orange County, California

Mick Trusty, JD

Institutional Trust Consultant

[email protected] 

Sulphur Springs, Texas

James Henderson

Trust Investment Management Consultant

[email protected]

Houston, Texas

Steve Borst

Wealth Technology Consultant

[email protected]

Dataw Island, South Carolina

Michael Niemann, CPA, AEP, TEP, CGMA, CCLU, ChFC

UHNW & Family Office Consultant

[email protected]

St. Louis, Missouri

Dan Heinrichs, MAcc, SAP Certified

UNHW & Family Office Consultant

[email protected]

St. Louis, Missouri

Mike Niemann, CSM, SS&C Blue Prism

UHNW & Family Office Consultant

[email protected]

Greenville, South Carolina

Brian Cohoon

Private Wealth & Risk Strategist

[email protected]

Louisville, Kentucky

Shara Fletcher

Trust Compliance Consultant &  Fraud Analyst

[email protected]

San Antonio, Texas

Rita Buchholz, CTFA
Personal Trust Administration Solutions Consultant 

[email protected]

Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Danny McHale
Trust Operations Consultant

[email protected]

Atlanta, Georgia

Mark Eiland, JD, LLM in Taxation

Trust Consultant & Independent Professional Trust Counselor

[email protected]

Mobile, Alabama

Evolution of Trust Law

Since development of 12th century trust law under jurisdiction of the King of England, trusts have evolved into a fundamental tool used to protect assets.

Modern-day trusts represent contractual arrangements setting forth terms and provisions as to the purpose of the trust and, furthermore, provide for a “trustee” to carry-out the terms and provisions of the trust. A trustee may be a person, such as a family member or professional advisor, or it may be an institution, like a bank or trust company.

Although trust arrangements are becoming ever more popular and experiencing growing demand among financial services organizations, benefits of chartering and operating a trust company are often offset by the expense, risk and burden. However, with FiPar's innovative and creative alternative trust solutions, a variety of financial organizations can now successfully participate in a specialized, complex, prestigious financial market segment without traditional barriers.

FiPar invites you to explore our website to gain an understanding of how FiPar's innovative trust solutions can ensure your success in attracting and managing legacy wealth.