Trust Chartering & Licensing

Create Independent Trust Company charter and bank trust power licensing applications, including preparation of business plans and coordinating process with regulators.

Chartering & Licensing Process

FiPar assists financial organizations examine merits of chartering and acquiring trust companies and books of trust business, plus consideratin of alternative trust solutions, enabling them to properly evaluate opportunities and challenges and become equiped with information necessary to make informed business decisions.

This is accomplished by conducting an objective, independent feasibility study to serve as a guide in examining crucial components of such an undertaking, addressing such issues as:

1. Client’s vision, mission, value-proposition, needs and expectations
2. Historical industry overview
3. Market analysis and industry outlook
4. Jurisdictional assessment
5. Proposed business and product lines
6. Proposed organizational and operating structure
7. Competitive landscape
8. Required capital resources
9. Regulatory, legal & financial issues
10. Risk Management

FiPar’s analysis examines strengths and weaknesses, challenges, opportunities and threats along with barriers and roadblocks.

Feasibility Studies

Conduct customized feasibility studies to evaluate merits of forming and operating trust departments and trust companies, providing essential, comprehensive decision-critical information necessary to make informed decisions coupled with supporting documentation of findings and observations.


FiPar provides compelte hands-on services from chartering to staffing, to organizational and operational infrastructure design, to selection of accounting system and to development of marketing and sales training program.

Acquisitions & Divestitures

FiPar provides consulting services to financial organizations seeking to acquire or divest a book of trust business or trust company, including identifying leads and prospects along with offering general consulting, advising, researching and coaching.                   


FiPar conducts valuations of books of trust business, trust companies, community banks and RIAs. Valuation tools, approaches and strategies include financial information analysis, discounting cash flow models and comparison of similar businesses and transactions, while factoring in business cycles, development stage, regulatory environment and valuation purposes.