Trust Operations

Create key operational strategies and processes to drive corporate viability and customer excellence, including exstablishing and managing operational processes, systems and controls that streamlines operations, maximizes productivity, reduces costs and optimizies revenue opportunities.

Trust Accounting Systems Evalutations

Conduct objective trust client needs assessments, systems evaluations, vendor searches, vendor recommendations, price and contract provision negotiations and conversion management consistent with an added focus on helping relieve time-commitment, expense and burdens often associated with the process. Service is provided as an annual vendor due diligence assessment as well as a comprehensive evaluation of alternative solutions.

Trust Technology Consulting

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Empower your Trust Organization with proven strategies!

• Process Re-Engineering & Workflow - Map existing processes, identify opportunities for improvement, and help design a more efficient and effective process.

• Data Conversions - Achieve success in your conversion with a professional with decades of experience in data migration to maximize the integrity of data in your core systems.

• Reconciliations - Protect your company by minimizing risk through by reconciling cash accounts and security positions timely, accurately, and completely.

• Trust System Conversions & Integrations - Reduce the strain on your staff during a trust system conversation by bringing in an experienced professional to focus full time while the existing staff maintain the existing day-to-day responsibilities.

• Risk Assessment & Mitigation Strategy - Conduct an assessment of existing policies and procedures to identify and quantify potential risks. Review any existing risk mitigation efforts, if applicable, and gauge the level of residual risk. Subsequently, develop a focused action plan aimed at reducing exposure to these risks.

• Operations Backfill - Ensure that operations continue smoothly by utilizing a subject matter expert for a dedicated resource on projects or a gap while a staff member is out for an extended time.

• Risk Management & Compliance - Ensure that your functions are being performed as outlined in policies and procedures with a seasoned professional who can help audit daily practices.

• Technology & Operational Assessments - Assess the effectiveness and suitability of operational and technological aspects to ensure optimal utilization of efficient platforms and infrastructure.

• Application Testing Support & Training - Perform testing of your application platforms to identify areas for enhancement or correction before deployment. Conduct comprehensive training to ensure users are proficient with the platform.

Unique insight stems from our collective experience across front, middle and back office roles

Trust departments and trust companies are never better than their back office!