Marketing & Sales Training 

Marketing Plan

There are three fundamental steps to creating a marketing plan—evaluating, planning and implementing.

Evaluation serves as a reflective assessment of your situation, circumstances and condition relative to what it stands for as a business unit—its mission, its value proposition, its people and its customers.

An introspective assessment into the core of what makes you “who you are” and “what you are” can serve to help identify the building blocks needed to construct a solid foundation for your business future.

From the knowledge and perspectives gained from the evaluation, your organization can identify and/or create its “culture” and formulate its “brand”. With a robust understanding and acceptance of the corporate culture outwardly demonstrated in the workplace and marketplace in the form of brand serves as interlocking cornerstones necessary for designing the plan needed to fulfil an organization's mission.

The plan itself will identify your target market along with strategies for how you reach, cultivate, attract, serve and retain clients.