Bob Fletcher, CTFA, CISP, CFMP

Founder, Chairman & CEO

[email protected]

San Antonio, Texas

Bob serves as a trust professional with nearly fifty years experience in the trust industry, having served as a personal trust officer, trust manager of two Texas banks, president of an independent trust company and as a nationally recognized institutional trust consultant.

Bob's trust positions included forming and managing a bank trust department while his trust consulting responsibilities have ranged from start-ups to closings and from turnarounds to expansions with special emphasis on crisis management.

Bob earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Southwest Texas State College (now Texas State University), San Marcos, Texas and graduated with a Trust Major from Southern Methodist University's Southwestern Graduate School of Banking, Dallas, Texas.

He holds three professional designations conferred by the Institute of Certified Bankers, affiliate of the American Bankers Association: Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA), Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP) and Certified Financial Marketing Professional (CFMP).

Bob's passions are music, traditional country/western dancing and travel.


“This guy saved my bank!"

Bank CEO

"I told my wife last night that I finally have someone in the Trust Department that knows what he is doing and I can relax!

Bank CEO

"Congratulations on a job well done! Truth is, had you been representing the beneficiaries, this bank would be yours!"

Bank's legal Counsel

"Thanks again for your guidance and expertise. Sale of the trust company would not have proceeded and succeeded without it!

Trust Company Owner

“I mentioned to a friend that I wanted to sell my trust company and he said you were the person I needed to see; that’s why I came down.”

Trust Company Chairman / CEO

"Bob just kept us from making a several million-dollar mistake because of his knowledge and insight”!

Trade Association's Legal Counsel

“I think you just said it all!”

Bank Chairman / CEO

“He got it approved the first time through—that seldom happens!”

Attorney for Organizers

“Stop sending me buyers! I’m swamped!”

Trust Company Chairman / CEO

"Shut-up and sit down! Can't you see he is the only one trying to hep us recover our life savings from those crooks!"

Victim of $50 million Ponzi Scheme

“You kept fighting for them without anyone’s support—the owner, board, legal counsel or regulators!”

Chairman of National Elder Abuse Organization

“We searched and found someone that was knowledgeable and a visionary. Without your skills, we could have never realized our dream”.

Major National Insurance Company

“He designed the trust company to meet your unconventional need, did what needed to be done and did it well!”

Attorney for Organizers