Danny McHale

Trust Operations Consultant

[email protected]

Atlanta, Georgia

With three decades of experience in the financial industry, Danny McHale is a distinguished professional known for his strategic insight and operational expertise. Danny earned a Finance degree from The University of Alabama with a concentration in banking and financial services. He is a graduate of both Southern Trust School's program and Cannon Financial's Fiduciary and Investment Risk Management School.

Throughout his career, Danny's achievements have been significant. He served as Director of Operations at an independent trust company, doubling assets under administration during his tenure. He spent a decade as Senior Vice President at Trustmark National Bank, overseeing various trust operations. Additionally, he held the position of Senior Vice President at BBVA, leading securities operations.

Danny's contributions have earned recognition, including the Chief Operating Officer award at BBVA. He served in elected roles within the Bank Depository User Group's Steering Committee and as co-chair of the Trust User Group's executive leadership group.

Danny's impact on the industry is evident through his accomplishments, including growing a trust company's assets to $1.3 billion in three years, modernizing a $13 billion trust department's operations and systems, launching a successful $700 million bank deposit program, and establishing a new trust division for a prominent Forbes 500 Corporation.

Danny's unique insight stems from his experience across front, middle, and back office roles, combined with executive leadership. Outside his career, Danny's passion for preserving legacies shines through his publication company. He publishes personalized books, including family histories and publications for various organizations.

Danny McHale's journey is a testament to his dedication, innovation, and lasting impact within the finance industry. His strategic leadership and operational prowess continue to drive growth and progress.