Consistent with its objective of enhancing its clients' business performance, FiPar focuses on developing best-practice procedures to effectively manage fiduciary risks, accelerate revenue growth, control costs, expand markets and ensure service excellence.

Strategies initiated to achieve these objectives include developing and implementing systems, processes and controls that result in defined but flexible parameters coupled with tight controls to promote standardization and uniformity.

To achieve these objectives, FiPar has assembled a team of seasoned trust professionals with broad-based intellectual resources and in-depth industry-specific skills offering diverse perspectives, visionary concepts, management tools, problem-solving techniques and creative solutions.

Feasibility Studies

Conduct customized feasibility studies to evaluate merits of forming and operating trust departments and trust companies, providing essential, comprehensive decision-critical information necessary to make informed decisions coupled with supporting documentation of findings and observations.

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                     Chartering & Licensing

Prepare independent trust company charter and bank trust powers licensing, including preparation of business plans and coordinating process with regulators.   

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Strategic Planning & Risk Assessments

Service includes review and assessment of Strategic Plan to ensure that it provides the framework for achieving goals and objectives and that its fiduciary activities align with core mission and values as well as the board’s risk appetite and policies.

Evaluations can include an analysis of organizational and operational structure, compliance, risk management, markets, competition, industry trends, vision and corporate culture as well as systems, processes and controls.

Assessment provides essential, decision-critical information needed to render informed decisions coupled with supporting documentation to justify conclusions. Describe your product or give more information. 

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Trust Compliance & Examination Support

Scable internal compliance support provided by highly-skilled trust consultants Pre-exam planning, in-process exam support and post-exam consulting.

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Turnaround Specialist

Reengineer organizational and operational infrastructures--Top to bottom and inside out!

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Crisis & Interim Management

Crisis and interim management consulting engagements typically include extended, hands-on assignments ranging from a few months up to three years.

Services include closing, re-engineering and serving as interim trust manager in crisis management situations—identifying and resolving business and fiduciary risk, troubleshooting, fraud detection and resolution, redressing and mitigating highly-sensitive fiduciary trust administrative and investment management claims, including providing court testimony defending trust department’s actions and providing litigation support.   

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Fraud Detection & Resolution

Identifying, resolving and preventing fraud represents an ever-growing, complex task that must be addressed at multiple levels—enterprise, accounts and systems.

FiPar detects, analyzes and resolves fraudulent issues  across users, accounts, products, processes and controls, monitoring and evaluating patterns of activity and behavior. Subsequently, FiPar will generally rely on Subject Matter Expert subcontractors to assist in resolving and initiating improved systems and controls. 

FiPar's skills have been highlighted in the  busting of a $50 million trust company Ponzi scheme.

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Trust Expert Witness Defense

Provide expert witness services relative to breach of fiduciary duty in areas of Uniform Prudent Investor Act, Restatement (Third) of Trusts and ERISA. Services include breach of fiduciary duty, portfolio management, standards of conduct, Modern Portfolio Theory, fee structure and adherence to sound trust and business principles..

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Conduct valuations of books of trust business, trust companies, community banks and RIAs. Valuation tools, approaches and strategies include financial information analysis, discounting cash flow models and comparison of similar businesses and transactions, while factoring in business cycles, development stage, regulatory environment and valuation purposes.

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  Acquisitions & Divestitures

Offer consulting services to financial organizations seeking to acquire or divest a book of trust business or trust company, including identifying leads and prospects along with offering general consulting, advising, researching and coaching.

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Closures--Trust Departments & Trust Companies 

Shut-down Trust Departments and sell-off Books-Business, conducting clean-up as necessary along the way to mitigate any lingering exposure.

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Alternative Trust Solutions

The value proposition in FiPar's alternative trust solution is represented by its core competitive advantage succinctly expressed in its tagline, “Not only do we build you the solution…We bring you the business!” (sm)

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