Mark Clemons, JD

Executive Vice President & Executive Trust Consultant
Risk Management, Trust Compliance & Non-Profits Speciaist

[email protected]

Birch Bay, Washington

A career fiduciary professional, Mark has joined FiPar Financial, Inc. to focus his professional efforts more intentionally on advice and consultation to trust service providers. He is excited to apply his experience and expertise in fiduciary management; risk assessment, avoidance and mitigation; and trust compliance, in a collaborative setting. His background includes over 35 years of trust management positions with national bank trust departments and highly focused regional banks striving to retain community presence as part of their fiduciary service model.

Management roles include service with:

• Bank of America
• Bank One (now JP Morgan Chase)
• Regions Bank
• Key Bank
• Union Bank (formerly Bank of California)

Over the past decade Mark has served as a Regional Manager of a regional community bank trust department in North Dakota, specializing in oil and gas management; National Director of trust administration with Ameriprise Financial in Minneapolis; and Chief Fiduciary Officer for an independent trust company in the state of Washington.

His professional diversity has been complimented by geographic and cultural diversity during his career. His journey has taken him from Northern Michigan to the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Virgina; from Texas to Birmingham, Alabama; and to the Pacific Northwest where he now calls home with his wife and daughter.

As FiPar’s Head of Compliance and Risk Management he is eager to work in a collaborative environment to transform intangible business vision and strategy into tangible financial results.  


"Mark is a consummate professional in every sense. He is a seasoned experienced executive, with deep knowledge of legal and fiduciary matters. You can always count on Mark to apply a cautious, strategic approach to any complicated situation."   

Bank Senior Executive / Market Leader

"Mark is a highly skilled fiduciary executive with an extensive knowledge of the trust industry."

President / Financial Management

"I regularly used Mark as a sounding board and collaborate on difficult matters. He gave practical advice on proactively managing risk and did so, not reacting to risk, nor avoiding risk."

Director / Real Estate Management

"Mark is highly regarded in our region for his work as a fiduciary executive and Risk management officer."

Partner / Estate Planning Attorney

"His personal knowledge, risk management skills, and leadership qualities make him a valuable contributor to, or leader of any team."

Fiduciary  Accountant / Bank

"Mark has a keen fiduciary mind set"

Consultant / Wealth Management

Mark Clemons, Author

A Legacy of Richness and Service Stewardship

The first duty of the trustee is to study and become thoroughly familiar with the provisions of the trust instrument and thereafter to follow them out implicitly. 

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